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百微解 APGseq - Basic

Suitable for Focal Infections


The Dilemma of Infectious Diseases & Conventional Testing 

According to statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO), infectious diseases account for over 25% of global deaths, especially in populations vulnerable to conditions like sepsis, meningitis, pneumonia, and immunocompromised states, with even higher mortality rates. However, using existing conventional pathogen detection methods, the detection rate in these populations is only 30-50%, and each method has its limitations. This leads to clinical practitioners being unable to confirm the pathogen early, relying only on past experiences or empiric antibiotic treatment, which delays optimal diagnosis and treatment for critically ill patients. Recognizing the current testing dilemma, APG offers a scientific solution: "APGseq - Clinical Metagenomic Sequencing Service"!



"In simple terms, if PCR is a fishing rod, mNGS is a fishing net!"

APGseq is a comprehensive, accurate, and rapid infectious pathogen gene sequencing test service based on Metagenomic Next next-generation sequencing (mNGS) technology. By utilizing high-throughput sequencing depth along with APG's unique pathogen database, it can surpass the limitations of traditional clinical testing, performing sequencing analysis of thousands of pathogens in patient samples at once. Within 48 hours, it provides test reports, identifying the causative pathogen and assisting clinical practitioners in diagnosis and formulating the best treatment plan. The key differences from conventional testing lie in its lack of need for culture, no assumptions, and the ability to test for thousands of pathogens at once, making it a non-culture-based infection testing method. "Infections are acute diseases! Unlike chronic diseases, they can't be adjusted slowly!" APGseq's highly efficient testing service ensures that acute (rapid progression of the disease), severe (life-threatening conditions), and difficult (hard to diagnose) infection patients do not miss the golden treatment window and can receive the most accurate diagnosis and treatment on time.